How to stream with Audio Hijack

This is an overview on how to broadcast on Evenings with your computer using Audio Hijack. Ensure that you’ve made an Evenings account before going through this documentation.

Email for questions

Step 01: Install Audio Hijack on Desktop

After downloading the Audio Hijack desktop app from https:// you will see a view like the one below if you did not purchase a license.

You’ll need to grant access to Audio Hijack on your computer since it will be marked as an unidentified developer.

Select “New Session” in the bottom left corner.

Step 02: Create a Live Stream template

A new window titled “Template Chooser” will appear. Select the “Live Stream” option. A new window will open titled Live Stream.

Step 03: Setup your Live Stream session

You can remove the “Input Device” and “Peak/RMS” nodes if you’re not using a microphone.

Select the “Live Stream” block and input the following information in the “Setup” dropdown

  1. Server URL: rtmp:// 

  2. Key: Enter the Stream key from the Account page on Evenings

Step 05: Running your Live Stream

Close the pop up on Audio Hijack and select "Run" to go live, in bottom left corner of the window.

Step: 06: Viewing and Archiving your Broadcast

Your broadcast will be live on your LIBRARY page on Evenings. Select the “VIEW PLAYER” button to listen.

Step 07: Ending your Live Stream session

To end the livestream select stop. The livestream will be saved on your Library page.

That's it! Email with questions.

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